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You may have notices some outages for over the past week or so.  These issues have been fixed and the site should be working normally from now on.

FCMS 3.6.0

Download the latest version of Family Connections. What’s New in 3.6.0. This release fixes a bunch of issues related to third party social networking site integration, specifically with Google and Facebook. Photo Gallery The Picasa Uploader has been fixed A new Facebook Uploader has been added, so you can upload photos from Facebook now Video…

Add-ons Are Back

A while back we had to disable the community add-ons page because the software we were using had some security related issues. Today we are re-opening the add-ons section with a new script. ┬áSo go check it out. The old add-ons have not been merged over to the new script, because I’m not sure any…