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Private Social Networking Share pictures and videos. Have discussions. Start a family tree.



Privacy is a big part of Family Connections. Your site is password protected and you control who has access and who doesn't.


Share photos safely and securely. Upload from your computer or import them from Instagram. Share videos through YouTube.


Have a discussion on the message board, chat in real time, start a blog or even send private messages.


Never forget a birthday, anniversary or other important date. Send out invitations and keep track of who's coming and who's not.

Family Tree

Collabrativly discover your family history by building a family tree.

Address Book

Organize contact information like email, phone and address.


FCMS 3.5.0 January 1, 2015

Download the latest version of Family Connections. What’s New in 3.5.0. This release was mostly to replace the Prototype JavaScript framework with jQuery, which means that just about every line of JavaScript was rewritten.  Some other small enhancements and bug fixes where addressed: Photo Gallery The photo uploader, Plupload, was upgraded to the latest version Fixed a…