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Profile and Settings: FCMS 2.4

Some of the most noticeable changes in Family Connections 2.4 will be to the Profile and Settings pages.  In past versions of FCMS, the profile page simply showed you information about other members; in 2.4, that will change.


When looking at other member’s profiles, the profile section will look pretty much the same; but when you view your own profile, you will now be allowed to make changes about you, including name, birthday, address, and profile picture.  These things used to be included in the Settings page.

We decided to move this information because it makes more sense.  Things like name and address aren’t a setting that you can change, they are basic information that make up your profile.


The Settings page also has some small changes to it.  The sections have been moved around and re-organized, hopefully making things easier to find.

Changing your theme should be easier and more useful.  Instead of choosing a theme from a drop down list like before, you will now choose from a listing of screenshots for each theme, giving you a preview of what the theme will look like.


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  1. Any time line as to when we can expect 2.4?

  2. Well, I was hoping to release it already, but I’ve found some issues with some of the new features.

    As soon as I fix those and do a little more testing, I will release it.

    My family is already using it. You can always go to the trac site and download the latest version from svn.

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