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Social Media and PHP 5

Currently Family Connections works with any version of PHP greater than 4.4.  In order to integrate FCMS with some of the social media websites out today, I’m kinda forced to use PHP 5.2.


One of the new features that require PHP 5, will be a new section I’m calling “Where is Everyone”.  This section will allow users to link their foursquare accounts to the site and show a listing of where everyone has checked in.


Another new feature that requires PHP 5, is the ability to import blog data from an outside source into FCMS.


I’m also adding the ability to add status updates, similar to twitter/facebook, so It makes sense to allow users to link their facebook accounts so they can share those updates.  This also requires PHP 5.  In addition to status updates, it will allow us to import data from facebook when filling out your profile information and also when registering a new account.

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  1. Sounds great if you document this feature well you can also make it posible to add local social websites like (duch) and sutch. :) cant wait to see it. If you need help i can try and help out were I can

    ThadirMarch 16, 2011 @ 2:55 pm
  2. will probably need added as an optional mod.

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