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What new Mods would you most like to see?

After FCMS 2.3 is complete (it’s coming soon, I promise), I will be spending time creating new Mods and Themes.  I’m asking this now, so I have a nice big list of things to work on when I’m ready.  So, what new mods would you guys like to see?

Wait… what is a Mod anyway?

A Mod (short for modification) is any additional feature to the site that currently isn’t (and probably wont become) part of Family Connections.  The recipe section is not a mod, even though it’s an optional part of FCMS, it is a part of the default installation (if you want it to be).

Some Ideas…

A few mods that my family is currently interested are:

  • mobile photo uploader
  • facebook photo upload integration (upload photo once and it appears on facebook and fcms)
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  1. I read somewhere back when I first downloaded Family Connections that you would be working on/adding a “family tree” mod of some kind. Is this still something you are considering? We would really enjoy adding this to our site.

  2. The family tree is going to be part of 2.3, so no mod is needed, it’s an optional section just like Family News.

  3. I think it would be great if the document upload section could include the following:

    1. The functionality to forward the document via email to a specific address.
    2. To be able to capture extra information regarding the document. Maybe custom fields could be added.

  4. What type of extra information would you like to see?

  5. The possibility to uplaod video will be great and an email notification when there is a change on the website.
    Thanks very much for your work.

    Olivier PUYGRANIERSeptember 21, 2010 @ 2:28 am
  6. The email notification exists already and has existed since FCMS 2.0.

    To turn it on you need to go to ‘My Settings’ and select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Email Updates’ option.

    As for the video section, I’m still working on a good solution for that, and it will probably be part of the standard FCMS, instead of a mod.

  7. Maybe it is possible to add a “time” field to the calendar ?
    so u can place the time and the date of a event.

  8. Pallyn,

    This feature is currently included in FCMS 2.3 which should be finished this week or next.

  9. Cool, and thnx for the fast response,
    maybe it is possible to add a new event in the calendar not by searching the day and then start, but by having a “mod” where i can click for example ” add new event” and then a field opens where i can set the date of the new event ?

  10. and, im sorry, but i think it is important to be able to do a event with startr and end date, for example 1 week away for holoidays so u can start from 1.12.2010 till 8.12.2010 for example

  11. Two great ideas for the calendar.


  12. Hi howdy,

    The Family CMS is superb and when you already asked, I’d like to suggest if you could try and integrate it with google services more. The Google services already have so many features which can be used for free, like docs, drive, photos, calendar, etc…

    So, for example, sharing a document could be done through google drive and shown in fcms as a link. Because, even now, when you upload a document, you have a link to download and you can’t have a preview (and gdrive has a preview). On the other hand the hosting of files is free in gdrive and you can store almost anything without a problem with corrupted data or data traffic…

    Then, a calendar. Google calendar can be used online too, it has so many android apps that use it. It has a huge number of features to organize, share, notify, etc. It could be integrated in FMCS because in this way, the calendar doubles. For example, we use gcalendar and we are all synced because on each phone there’s a widget on the main screen for that calendar. And whoever enters an event, it immediately shows on each screen. By using FMCS calendar, we need to check it separately, through a web browser.

    The family tree is nice, but it would be even better if it could support Gedcom file format in order to be compatible wit the export/import options of the various desktop based genealogy software.

    To resume… More Google services integration, namely Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google address book, etc. with a specifically created gmail accouunt to be used just for storing data… Or maybe even a couple of accounts when gdrive for runs out of space, you could add fmcs2, fmcs3, etc…

    Anyway, bravo for the effort and spectacular piece of software for what is meant to be!



    marXmanMarch 4, 2016 @ 10:59 pm

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