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With FCMS 2.3 literally just around the corner, I thought I would help users pass the time by providing an opportunity for everyone to share how their family uses Family Connections.  What sections are the most popular, the least popular? How often does everyone visit?  How many users use it?  Is anyone using it for something other than a family site?

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  1. I’ll start off by sharing about my family. My family site has about 40 registered users, but only about 10-15 actively use the site daily. Some users used the site for a few months, then leave, then come back.

    The two most popular sections are the Message Board and the Photo Gallery, the other sections are almost never used. The Calendar and Address Book are used occasionally when people remember. No one on the site cares at all when I upgrade to a new version.

    One thing that my family probably does differently is the poll section. We have a new poll almost every week or two, and usually gets a good discussion. I’m assuming not every family does this?

    The people who use the site the most are in their 20’s and 30’s, but my grandma visits frequently who is 76.

  2. My family is just starting out with this and they have been hopeing for the new upgrade.

  3. I have 30 family members using the site. They are from England, US, Canada and Spain. Every part of the site is used a lot except for the chat, however they keep visiting it to see if they can actually get lucky that someone else is there. I keep promising an update where the chat will alert them when someone is there, but they also want to keep the beta theme so I’ve told them they have to wait. There is also a few bugs in my version with IE and the message board/family news sections but they continue to applaud the site.

  4. My site is used to keep the family abreast of Grandma’s health (she’s 92 as of yesterday). Although we do share recipes and prayers, the message board is by far the most popular. Our busiest time is Christmass and sending greetings to all in the message board. PM’s are used mainly to send complaints to me or for messages they don’t want others to see. I guess it is more of an interactive news letter…

  5. Some functions are certainly there. I write now what would be important for me in total for a family website.

    – Writing (short lead general discussions)
    – To join the forum or forums or groups with OpenID
    – Make an appointment (see dates, denials, promises, cancellations)
    – Upload files or links about a good download
    – Upload pictures, and offer them for download
    – Groups (areas of special interests)
    – Address Book

    I would use FCMS to write with the family or just to consult. If you have boredom or if you want something with members, we could find Make a date, time and dates when others have denied suggestions to appointments or attend a meeting / event.
    Then it would be good if you could upload files or photos for members or groups of high, so you can easily replace his family photos.

    Cool would it be’s that everyone can know when he has time. Otherwise, we always do with
    Maybe you could even build something similar in FCMS. All users can select a calendar when they have time when they have no time when they are on vacation, or add more data. If anyone has bored or wants to do something, he may, for example, an inquiry whether members of a game of pool time on Saturday to play. All the others in the calendar are selected to have time now to get an email with this request and can say with a click on the email, “Yes, I come with” or “No, I do not come with”
    So that’s an appointment would be a great asset to FCMS
    It is also good if you for example Birthday invites. One could quickly see which of the members to come for birthdays, because they approve the participation of members, yes. Even if you want to visit an amusement park, all members could choose whether they want to participate or not.

    Otherwise, I would want a forum for FCMS, but maybe it would reach even if you created a group area or a possible connection to some good (open source) forum systems. So someone reports at FCMS, so it can connect in the settings with an installed forum. That would be very helpful.

    If the connection is too expensive with a forum system, so it would be really good if FCMS could be used as an OpenID server. All registered family members (upon activation) would then get an OpenID address. That would be very useful because you then can simply log into forum systems or even other scripts. Overall, it would certainly be a great addition. OpenID is increasingly integrated into large pages. And it’s certainly good if you have your personal data to your server. So why not save the data in FCMS.

    And what I had said already times, that the user can log in again to certain groups. So similar to facebook. So you can communicate in groups again by special interests or share files. Because families are mostly also from several families, it would be here very interesting if we could communicate with each other again. It does not always see only the good things. We also like German backbiting about certain family members and of course would be pretty helpful group. :) No, fun. I would like groups very well, as I do with my family certain things. With my parents we play Skat. With my brothers I love playing poker. With some good family and good friends I play like cooking. I would therefore find it good if one has again to specific areas where it will display any results. Which of course would be good if we could arrange the groups in dates so that together we can find the next date for a round or a Kochtag. Or that you could inform all members of a group via email for a next appointment.

    What would be good even if one has a sort of address book at FCMS. So, that’s some data to query the person. Well, it would be if you could add your own fields. Then you should be able to print or export the list so that you can also use the data further. The administrator should manually to send an email to all members, whether anything has changed on the data. Maybe someone has moved or has a different phone number.

    Well, I hope you understand what I like and maybe even the one or else you find interesting.

  6. I’m am using one installation for my family and another for a friend who is visiting from Europe (i’m in San Francisco). We are planning her visit. After she has left, I’m thinking of using that installation with my roommates to communicate about our house stuff: news, cleaning and calendar.

  7. Hi,
    I was looking around for a good open source solution for my family. I had actually started work on a family member site under google sites, but I soon found that it is ridiculously hard to use, and know that the older family members would have difficulty using it. Your site is clean easy to use. One thing that I thought was a cool feature though was the map in googlesites. It allowed me to bring in a private map that was just shared with my family and allowed them to post where they were, and change their location as they moved around the country/world. So far though the features you have are on par and pretty solid. I’ll probably leave another remark the more I use the application, but these are my thoughts just from using the demo.

    FranklinJuly 17, 2011 @ 3:56 pm

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