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FCMS 2.2.3 and issues with PHP4

Download it now, or visit the downloads section.

This release fixes a few issues with messed up dates/times and also fixes some language issues, however an issue still exists for PHP4 only, see below for more info.

The following bugs were fixed:

#171 – Invalid password in session/cookie prevents login
#172 – undefined escape_string during Installation
#173 – Add Comment Error File: gallery/index.php [423]
#174 – Calendar dates don’t obey timezones
#178 – Avatar too big on Family News comments
#181 – php-gettext as failback solution


PHP4 only php-gettext bug (undefined index: messages)

Undefined index:  messages
Where: on line 190 in /inc/
Environment: PHP 4.4.9 (Linux)

Currently php-gettext is NOT compatible with PHP4 which causes user’s to see the error message above.  See bug id #554199 on the php-gettext site for more info.



If your host has gettext support:
You should be able to comment out line 190 in the inc/ file and that error will go away.  You should also be able to use other languages other than English without problems.

If you host does NOT have gettext support:
Your only real solution until this bug is fixed, is to upgrade to PHP5.  However if you are only using English on your site, you could comment out line 190 in the inc/ file and the site will work fine although it will have some noticeable issues, including the small calendar showing up weird among other minor issues.  The main functionality of the site should still work fine.

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