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Family Connections 2.2 RC

With Family Connections 2.2 I wanted to try something a little different.  Usually when I’ve finished development on the new release, I simple do some quick testing and then release it, and fix any bugs in some small follow up releases.  To prevent that from happening this time, I’ve decided to wait on the release of FCMS 2.2 until it has been tested a little better.

Instead, I’m going to do what is called a Release Candidate (RC), which basically means this is the final version of 2.2 unless something major has been found.  This means that you can upgrade to 2.2 (RC) now, if you want to, but users won’t be notified on the upgrade screen that they need to upgrade like they normally do.

I’m going to have my family website upgraded to 2.2 (RC) and do some more thorough testing and in a week or two, if everything is fine, then I’ll release this as FCMS 2.2.  If bugs are found, then I’ll simply fix those and add them to 2.2.

Using a Release Candidate will allow users who can’t wait for the next release to go ahead and upgrade now, and other users can wait until all the kinks are worked out.  So if you do upgrade to 2.2 (RC), please be sure to report any bugs or issues you find.

Download FCMS 2.2 (RC) now.

Family Connections 2.3

And for a sneak peek at what is currently scheduled for the next major release, check out the following list.  Remember that this, can and probably will change.

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