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New Navigation for FCMS?

I’ve been thinking a lot about changing the navigation for FCMS.  As more and and more optional features get added to the site, the navigation has become cluttered, and the current solution is to move some navigation to the sidemenu.  While this was a good idea at first, I’m beginning to rethink this solution.

At first this worked because lesser important navigation was on the side where the most important navigation was at the top, but now with all the new features, its hard to show all the important navigation at the top, so some links go unnoticed by certain users.

A better solution would be to have all navigtion at the top of the page in some type of dropdown menu style navigation.

My question though is, how does everyone feel about these proposed changes?

Do you like the current navigation?

Would you rather have all navigation at the top in a dropdown menu?

Would this be better as an optional modification or plugin?

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2 Responses

  1. I think it’s a good solution to make a menu-like navigation.
    I’d like to have these =)

    – home (news)
    – user: profile / settings
    – family: blog / gallery / recipes /calendar
    – communication: message board / contact form
    – help
    – logout

    and is it possible to make modifications to the types of new entry in the calendar? I’m some kind of missing the vacation-type. would be great.
    nevertheless it’s a very good script =)

  2. I like your ideas for how to organize the navigation.

    My initial ideas was something along these lines:

    – home
    – share : gallery / calendar / recipes
    – connect : message board / address book / profiles
    – inform : blog (family news) / prayer concerns
    – misc : contact / help / logout
    – settings

    But I really like how you broke it down. The user / family / communication groups are a good fit.

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